Pine Bolete

Boletus pinophilus


Cap 4 ­ 25 cm wide, dark red ­ brown, surface a bit knobbly.

Only mushrooms with cap under 12 cm are fit to be sold!

Stout leg, light brown soled, light dense net figure on top.

Tubing white, yellow­ green as the mushroom gets older.

Flesh is white, reddish under the cuticle.

Taste and smell are pleasant.

Grows as a companion of pine in mixed forests and dry peaty forests.

Usually grows 1 ­ 2 weeks after cep. Pine bolete is more common in Finland and Kainuu than cep.




Cantharellus cibarius


The chanterelle is one of the easiest recognizable mushrooms. It is wholly beautifully yellow.

It’s cap is quite small, rarely over 10 cm wide. The caps flat surface is dry and wavy.

The bottom of the stem is often lighter coloured. Discs are thick, grids and branched. Flesh is thick, almost white and the smell is pleasant. Spore dust is light yellowish.

Chanterelle is common in the whole of Finland, though as the most common in southern and central Finland but can be encountered in abundance even in the fells of Lapland.

It is encountered in nature as early as June. Most common it is in July ­- October.



Rufous Milkcap

Lactarius rufus



Rufous Milkcap has a small and flat cap, with a bulge in the middle. The colour of the cap is red brown.

The leg of the mushroom is the same colour but slightly lighter. As it grows older the leg becomes hollow. The wattles of a young mushroom are very light, reddish brown as older.

The taste is burning and flesh liquid is white and does not dye when it comes to contact with air.

The Rufous Milkcap is very common in all of Finland, especially in dry peaty forests as well as rock lichen and even swamps.




Boletus edulis


Cap is 4 ­ 25 cm wide, light brown, dark brown or reddish brown and sticky.

Only mushrooms with a cap of under 12 cm pass muster as commercial mushroom.

The leg is light brown with a dense, white net figure at the top.

Tubing is white, changes to yellowish and yellow green as it grows older.

The flesh is white, red brown under the cuticle.

Taste is mild and syrupy.

Smell is pleasant.

Habitat include plantation spruce forests, where thinning has not been done, fresh forests, forest pastures, the fringes of forests and near birch trees.



Aspen Milkcap

Lactarius trivialis


Aspen milkcap is a large, firm fleshed mushroom. The cap, that can grow up to 20 cm, is convex and violet grey, as older it changes to flat and brown grey or violet nuanced.

The wattles are white or cream yellow, smooth. The leg is light in colour, hollow and swollen in the middle or of uniform thickness.

The taste is tart. Flesh liquid is white and does not dye.

Salted the cutting surface of the aspen milkcap is dyed green because of the flesh liquid.

The aspen milkcap is found from the end of July all the way to November. It is a common and prolific mushroom, that grows all around the country. Especially it grows in slightly swampy peaty forests, but even lush and deciduous forests are its habitat.

Usually the mushroom grows in sparse groups.